GRP (FRP) Pipes & Fittings

These are manufactured to DIN / BS / ASTM / JIS / AS / ASME / AWWA / IS standards. Pipes and fittings can be manufactured upto 3.5 m dia. and to withstand a maximum pressure of 60 bar. These pipes and fittings are suitable for a range of applications for chemicals, water and effluents, seawater, etc. These can be specially manufactured for potable water applications too. The MOC is again based on the service conditions.

SUNOPLAST GRP (FRP) pipes and fittings normally utilize grades of resins (Polyesters, Vinylesters, Epoxies, Furanes, Phenolics). The pipes and fittings can also be supplied with Thermoplastic liners (PP, PP-H, PVS, CPVC, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA). The pipes and fittings are normally fabricated by contact molding, centrifugal casting and filament winding as per BS,PS-15-69, ASTM-D, AS-2634 section 3, AWWA C 950, AWWA M 45, IS, DIN.

GRP (FRP) Pipes & Fittings

  • Supplied with fire-retardant additives to reduce flame spread.
  • Supplied with special conductive layer inside
  • Outside layer provided with pigment color as per the requirements.
  • Supplied with all required fittings (flange, bend, reducer, tee, cross, 450 Lateral).
  • Suitable for using highly corrosive chemicals at maximum temperature up to 3500 C
  • Supplied from 15mm to 4000mm diameter.
  • GRE high pressure pipes & fittings up to 400 bar as per API LR / HR approved
  • supplied along with supports, support design and stress analysis.

Outstanding Characteristic

  • Corrosion Resistant: no coating, gunning, mortar lining required and no cathodic protection required.
  • High Strenght to Weight Ratio: better than steel / CI/ RCC
  • Light Weight: 1/5th of the Steel, 1/10th of the PSC, easy in handling, easier laying in rough terrain, faster installation.
  • Smooth Surface: Better hydraulic properties, less power and lower pump cost Hazen Williams Coefficient C-150, Manning n 0.01
  • Longer Lengths: Faster installation, minimum joint.
  • Excellent Joint: No exfiltration of infiltration problems
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