FRP Damper Valve

SIIL damper utilizing only high corrosion resistant parts for air movement and controls. SIIL dampers are fire retatdant, corrosion resistant, and UV protected.

The SIIL damper blade is operated using a hand-wheel driven worm gear operator. Pneumatic, electric, or chain-wheel type operaors are optional. Long life teflon bearings accessible from the exterior of the damper require minimum maintenance and ensure unrestricted movement of the roating shaft.

SIIL damper enhance safety by providing greater isolation of process air during shidown of low pressure exhaust system duct lines conveying hazardous air streams. When dealing with confined space entry conditions, use of SIIL dampers may reduce safety risks caused by contaminant air leaks.

SIIL dampers require far less maintenance, are more durable, and outperform conventional butterfly dampers.

SIIL dampers range in sizes from 4-inch diameter to 120-inch diameter.


Standard Construction:

Material of Construction : Vinyl ester resins with / without fire retardent as per ASME 84 Class 1
Fire Retardent : With / Whithout
Manufacturing Standard : ASME RTP-1 / ASTM
Temperature : 1500 C (Max.)
Pressure : Full Vacum (Max.)
Likage Class : Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Operator : Manual handle / Gear Operated / Actuator
Body and Blade : FRP
Frame : FRP
Shaft : SS 316 with FRP Sleeve
External Coating : UV
Bearings : Teflon
Hardware : SS 316
Connections : As per ASTM D3982
Size : 4" - 120" Diameter
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