Chemical Storage Tanks

These can be manufactured as per BS/ASTM/JIS/AS/ASME standards, and supplied with standard accessories as per client requirement. Tanks can be manufactured of any shape. The MOC will be available in all thermosetting and thermoplastic lined materials. Tanks of upto 6m dia. will be manufactured at our factory and those above 6m will be manufactued at site.

Storage Tanks

  • Supplied with fire-retardant and ultra violet resistant additives as per specific requirement.
  • Suitable for using highly corrosive chemicals at maximum temperature up to 3500 C.
  • Designed for pressure and vacuum conditions.
  • Supplied with double wall construction.
  • Designed and supplied for above and underground applications.
  • Thermoplastic welded joint with conductive layer.
  • Vertical or horizontal and with require type of end closures.
  • Supplied along with additional accessories like ladder handrail, platform, level indicator, sight glass, leg supports and saddle supports.
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