Miles Stones


  • We have Developed for the fist time in the world:
  • For spin bath application for high temperature, pressure / vacuum conditions
    • GRP evaporator
    • Furopolymer Lined Fiberglass evaporator
  • We have developed for the first time Equipment, Vessels, Pipes, Fittings for high temperature / pressure, highly corrosive application for chloro-alkali, pulp-paper and rayon plants.
  • We have manufactured the Biggest in India:
    • FRP HCL storage tank
    • FRP chlorine dioxide storage tank
    • FRP spin bath storage tank
    • FRP scrubber for the paper-pulp plant
    • '0' Leakage Damper Vlalve upto 2000mm dia
    • Abrasion resistant FRP Chutes
    • Abrasion resistant and high temperature (1300C) FRP Launder Systems
  • We have Developed for the first time in India FRP Pressure Vessel for 10 KG/CM2 for Water Treatment Application.
  • We have Supplied the complete:
    • FRP equipment, tanks, pipes, fittings, ductings for the biggest pickling plant in India
    • FRP, PP-FRP equipment, tanks, absorbers, scrubbers, stacks, ducting, pipes for the biggest acid regeneration plant in India
  • We Regular export to USA, South America, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, OMAN, Qatar & China.
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