Job Title Legal Officer
Function Legal
Regular / Temporary Regular
Employment Full Time
Description Job Summary:
The Legal Officer is responsible for providing legal support and guidance to the organization in matters related to civil cases, land revenue, and criminal cases. They will ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, represent the organization in legal proceedings, and mitigate legal risks.
Key Responsibilities:
Legal Research and Analysis:
Conduct thorough legal research on civil, land revenue, and criminal laws to provide accurate advice and guidance.
Analyze laws, regulations, and precedents to assess the impact on the organization's operations.
Legal Compliance:
Ensure that the organization complies with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to civil cases, land revenue, and criminal cases.
Monitor changes in laws and regulations and advise on necessary adjustments to maintain compliance.
Documentation and Drafting:
Prepare and review legal documents, contracts, agreements, and other legal instruments related to civil and criminal matters.
Draft pleadings, affidavits, and petitions for court proceedings.
Representation in Court:
Represent the organization in civil and criminal court proceedings, including hearings, trials, and appeals.
Prepare and present arguments, evidence, and witnesses as necessary.
Dispute Resolution:
Work to resolve civil and criminal disputes through negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution methods when possible.
Advise on settlement agreements and their legal implications.
Legal Advisory:
Provide legal advice and counsel to the organization's management and relevant departments on issues related to civil and criminal cases.
Offer risk assessments and recommendations for legal actions.
Record Keeping and Compliance Reporting:
Maintain accurate records of legal cases, correspondence, and documentation.
Prepare and submit reports on legal matters to senior management as required.
Stakeholder Communication:
Communicate with external legal counsel, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders as necessary.
Build and maintain relationships with legal professionals and agencies.
Preferred Qualification Bachelor's degree in law (LLB) and a valid license to practice law in the jurisdiction where the organization operates. Proven experience as a Legal Officer or similar role, with a focus on civil cases, land revenue, and criminal cases.
Skills Strong knowledge of civil, land revenue, and criminal laws and regulations.
Excellent research, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
Effective communication and negotiation abilities.
Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Ethical conduct and high integrity.